What's Under Your Christmas Tree?
Dec 2:43 PM

What's Under Your Christmas Tree?

Dec 2:43 PM
Dec 2:43 PM

DECEMBER 8, 2023



Every Christmas, we all look forward to opening all kinds of gifts from all kinds of people.  We look under the tree to find wrapped gifts just waiting to be opened.  Deep down inside, we hope for things that we really want.  Sometimes we find them and other times we don’t.  Regardless, rarely do any of these gifts make a truly lasting change in our lives that will make Christmas all that we hope it will be. 

Maybe that’s because these gifts never can. 

But there are gifts that come our way that can’t be bought in stores, wrapped in boxes, or even placed under the tree.  They can only be experienced in life when God gives them (and people just can’t).  These gifts are truly lasting and life-changing because those are the only kinds of gifts that God sends out to His people.  And, of course, the greatest gift of God is the arrival of Jesus Christ from heaven to earth on Christmas. 

On Sunday, we’re beginning a new series, What’s Under Your Christmas Tree?  We’ll explore three amazing gifts that God sent out surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ, and how these same gifts (in different forms) can be ours as well.  No matter what you find under your Christmas tree this year, God has gifts that are so much greater waiting for you if you will accept them.

Make this Christmas series a priority every Sunday.  It is the gift that God is looking for from those who love Him. Invite someone you know to join you, too.



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