It is so important to stay relationally and spiritually connected and God designed us to be in community with others. Small Groups are where we provide care for one another, a community to connect with, and biblical direction that provides for real life-change. Small Groups are the best way to get connected into community at Lakeshore.

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There is a group for you at Lakeshore! No matter your age, interests, stage of faith, etc.— you can be sure that there's a Small Group where you can find community and belonging. Some groups focus on specific topics, like marriage or a specific book in the Bible. Others are more general, like groups for men, women, and young adults. Regardless of the theme, Small Groups provide you a place to grow in your faith and relationships with others.

Please note: During the late spring and summer months, most Small Groups take a break and may not accept new group members. Learn more about group schedules and other FAQs below.

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Not sure which group to join?


We know joining a new group can be intimidating and that you probably have questions. Below are some common questions we receive about Small Groups. If you still have a question or need help, we're here for you! You can contact us here.


Small Groups at Lakeshore are split into two semesters: the first launching in the fall, and the second in the winter. This simply means that most groups meet during the fall, winter, and spring months before taking a break during the summer. In most cases, you can jump into a group at any time, but it's best to join when the Small Group semester begins in the fall or winter so you don't miss out on anything!

Exact schedules and frequency of meetings will vary by group. You can browse open Small Groups and see their schedules in our Small Groups Directory.


This will vary by each group. Some Small Groups meet at Lakeshore, while others are at someone's home, a cafe, or a park!You can browse open Small Groups and see their meeting locations in our Small Groups Directory.


We've tried to make joining a Small Group at Lakeshore as simple as possible.

All you need to do is visit our Small Groups Directory, browse through the open groups, and find one that most interests you. Then, click the "request to join" button, enter your info, and the Small Group leader will be in touch with you to help get you plugged in!

Please keep in mind that most Small Groups take a break during the summer, so during the summer months, there aren't many groups to join. Rest assured, many more groups will become available in the fall, so stay tuned!