Focusing on God
We are committed to keeping God as the focus of every ministry and every endeavor of our church—we want to make a big deal about God, not about us.

Engaging Services
We strive to design all of our services to engage people where they are while also maintaining biblical truth in all we say and do.

Pursuing Christ-Likeness
We believe that Jesus Christ is the perfect Son of God and that striving to live like Him is the greatest way to find meaning and happiness in life.

Being Real
We believe that church, of all places, should be marked by authenticity. When we are truly genuine and transparent, we give others the freedom to struggle and open up.

Connecting in Community
We believe that living life in close community with others is the best way to experience the kind of life-change that brings meaning to our relationships.

Impacting Our World
We are called to live out our faith and express God’s love by investing the time, talents and treasure that God has given us to serve both inside and outside the church walls.