Nov 10:35 AM

What real love looks like

Nov 10:35 AM
Nov 10:35 AM

NOVEMBER 17, 2022


Lakeshore Friends—

For all the talk we hear about love today, it seems like we see so little of it expressed by people in tangible ways.  In fact, it seems like the opposite is a much more common sight. Our hurting world really needs to see love in action.  

What would real love (and not the artificial substitutes for it) look like if it were seen in our lives?  Jesus Christ was asked what the greatest thing a person could do in the eyes of God is, and His answer to this question reveals what real love truly looks like. 

For the next three weeks, we will unpack these words of Jesus on real love and explain how we can all live it out to God and show others what it looks like.

As the holidays approach, let’s be known as people (and as a church) that loves more than anyone else does.  And as the New Testament teaches us, this kind of love will cover all our shortcomings.

I hope you’ll be here as we learn how in this new series starting this Sunday!




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