Oct 3:50 PM


Oct 3:50 PM
Oct 3:50 PM




Lakeshore Friends—


So many things that are happening today are really flying in the face of what’s good and pleasing to God.  There’s not one news channel that can go 30 minutes without sharing some bad news that suggests the days ahead will be more difficult, apart from a radical change in direction.

Will that radical change happen? 

Globally, only God knows that. 

But is there a big change that we can make individually?  I think so.  We can make a radical shift by turning our focus from a horizontal perspective to a vertical one that focuses on God and doing his will.  If we focus on what He wants, we can turn these worldly obstacles into spiritual opportunities to impact our family and friends for the better.

I get that from John chapters 1 and 8 where we see light overpowering darkness, and where we see that the “darker the darkness,” the brighter the light shines in it.  When we turn our focus from how the world is doing to what God wants us to do, we can change our own direction and start living above the negative news cycle by living instead for the Good News.

We can’t change the news and we can’t change the world.  But we can change our perspective and through God’s help, we can be used to change the lives of people in our circle of influence.



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