May 6:00 AM


May 6:00 AM
May 6:00 AM


Lakeshore Friends—


Is there anything better than warm days in May?  It is so exciting to get a taste of the new life in the air.  People are nicer (okay, a tiny bit nicer in some cases), are in a better mood (okay, most people), and all we have to look forward to is more warm weather for at least a few months.


When it comes to our identity, we can experience that same excitement when we learn how to base our identity in the God who loves us more than we have or could love ourselves— Jesus Christ!  He is a warm, sunny, May day every day in our lives; and he makes us nicer, better, and excited about the future.


So as you enjoy the weather, remember that God can do the same for your identity issues, so that you win over every crisis you face.





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