Jun 9:43 AM


Jun 9:43 AM
Jun 9:43 AM


Lakeshore Friends—

I hope you had a great Father’s Day and that your time at Lakeshore played a major role in that.  It was really fun to see so many people in services, celebrating and cheering on dads, taking pictures in the Atrium photo spot, getting free Lugia’s ice cream, getting a copy of “The C-team” (if you signed up for a copy after we ran out, we will let you know when they arrive), enjoying coffee outside under the tent, and so much more.

All the energy on Sunday reminds me (again!) that few things are as amazing and beautiful as the church when it operates with a healthy biblical foundation.  I also think that God has given us so many amazing people like you who want to live healthy biblical lives.  The two usually go together.

All that to say thank you for making Lakeshore such a fun place to be every Sunday!  When I leave after Sunday services, I feel so full of thankfulness because God is so good and He has sent us so many amazing people.



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