Apr 11:23 AM


Apr 11:23 AM
Apr 11:23 AM


As we have gone through the current series on what God says about government, I’m reminded that there really is only one answer to all the challenges that face us.  It’s something that my wife told me that Tyler Perry so eloquently stated during the Oscars (I’m not a movie guy, so I didn’t watch it).  You know what it is?

It’s love.  It’s God’s love.  It’s God’s love lived out by more and more people for others to see.

Yelling louder, fighting harder, damaging more, and hurting people (or hurting them back for hurting us) has been tried and found wanting.  It’s high time that we realize that God’s love is the answer.  And that means it must start with us, those of us who have tasted God’s love, know how transformative it has been in our lives, and want others to know how amazing and beautiful it is.

How do we do it?  We simply live it out every day.  We model Jesus as if we are the only Jesus some will ever see because, in fact, we are.  And then when it makes sense to do so, we explain God’s love to others without feeling the need to convince anyone… that’s God’s job anyways!

When that happens, lives change, one by one.  Then, and only then, can our nation change.

God’s love is the answer,



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