Apr 4:00 PM

It's sad how something good has become something else

Apr 4:00 PM
Apr 4:00 PM

APRIL 27, 2023



When it comes to the subject of sex, what do most people think of?  If the news, social media, advertising, TV programming, Hollywood, and culture (to name just a few) are any indicators, then it isn’t very good, is it?

The message from most of the places we hear from is abundantly clear and redundantly nauseating.  They say that there are very few limits on what you do with it, who you engage in it with, or what the relationship is between the people involved.  All that matters, according to the culture, is that it satisfies you in the moment.  No need to worry about the other person, tomorrow, or right and wrong.  That really doesn’t matter to many in our culture.

How’s that working for our world?  Well, as a result, a large percentage of children grow up without fathers or mothers in their lives.  Society is filled with hurting, regret-filled people who walk with an emotional limp as a consequence (especially women, but not exclusively).  People deal with life in broken homes, with broken hearts, and with broken hopes.  “Free sex” is never as freeing as it first promises.




How far our world has drifted from the beautiful and sacred thing that God created.  God created sex for our enjoyment when we practice it exclusively by His ground rules.  That takes discipline, courage to stand up to the “everybody is doing it” mindset, and perseverance to wait on the right timing of God.  When we do all of that, then we can enjoy sex to the fullest.  And if you want proof of that, read the Old Testament book of “Song of Solomon”.  Wow!

I’m so glad there is forgiveness, grace, and recovery for any one of us who has tried to do it their own way to the exclusion of God’s way.  But how much better things would be if we just listened to the directives of the Creator of sex...

This Sunday, I will tackle this subject.  I have no axe to grind, or finger-pointing in this message.  I only want to help all of us see the beautiful standard that was set from the beginning so that no matter where we are, we can live there, even if it is very counter-cultural.

Trust me, this will be a great service to invite those you have invested in, whether that is family, friends, coworkers, or neighbors.



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