Jul 8:02 AM

God's power makes all things possible

Jul 8:02 AM
Jul 8:02 AM

JULY 14, 2022


Lakeshore Family—

I’m sitting here with mixed emotions.  It’s raining, no, it’s pouring.  I’m so glad for that because we need the rain.  But I’m sitting here somewhat angry.  It was supposed to be a cloudy day with little chance of scattered showers so I left the windows in my car open, just a little, so it wouldn’t get so hot in the car.  It won’t be hot in the car.  But it will be a swimming pool.  That was not a passing shower we just experienced.

The message for this Sunday deals with an aspect of God called omnipotence.  It means that God is all-powerful.  My question at the moment is, “if God is all-powerful, and He loves me so much, then why is there a swimming pool in the back seat of my car?”

If you’ve ever wondered why God doesn’t use His power to help you with life’s situations a little more frequently than He typically does, this Sunday might give you a little insight.

I hope you have a great weekend enjoying all the summertime things you love to do.  Me, well, I’ll be draining the swimming pool in the car and figuring out how to dry the seats and carpeting so they don’t mildew.  I suppose that’s better than having to incessantly clean up after the Lakeshore geese or produce a message outline that refuses to become clear despite all my efforts.

Be that as it may, I’m truly looking forward to the time we get to have together this Sunday morning.  Hope to see you then.

Many Blessings,
Pastor Brian


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