Dec 11:41 PM


Dec 11:41 PM
Dec 11:41 PM


Lakeshore Friends—

As we fast approach Christmas, our thoughts go to the birth of Jesus (or at least they should considering it’s His birthday). He came to us in the most inconspicuous manner imaginable: quietly, humbly, and in a manger— an animal feeding trough where horses or cattle ate from. As he grew, He made a great impact on the world and turned it upside down!

What would life be like if Jesus was never born? Think about that one for a long time and I bet you would still be surprised by how much less we would have that we enjoy today. And not just no churches, no Christians, and no crosses... it would mean “no” to a lot, lot more.

On Sunday, we will begin a new series called, “What If Jesus Had Never Been Born?” This will be a series that will both surprise and even shock you, but also help you have a deeper appreciation for the One born on Christmas.

I encourage you to be here for this short series starting this Sunday, continuing next Sunday, and then concluding on Christmas eve (3pm or 6pm identical services). I think your Christmas will take on an even more special significance if you do attend.

And definitely invite your family and friends. I promise you that this is a “can’t miss” series. Use the invite cards at church, point people to the website (, use the Lakeshore App, or just point people to 3651 Latta Road.




P.S. Are you asking God to guide you in His will for your part in Making Waves 2022? You can impact starving children, poor families, and lost souls with the love of Jesus if you do. Find out more here: Please turn in your Commitment Card by the end of the year if at all possible.



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