Nov 11:27 PM


Nov 11:27 PM
Nov 11:27 PM


Lakeshore Friends—

Happy Veterans Day! We thank God for everyone who has served in any of our branches of the military and will be honoring you on Sunday during both services. You are amazing heroes at Lakeshore and in our country!!

When I was a boy scout, I learned one of their mottos: Be prepared!  We learned to be prepared on campouts for all kinds of situations, and the lessons extended beyond the campsite.

Being prepared has helped me in so many ways in life.  I try to be prepared for any problem I may face.  I never want to be unprepared financially, in my relationships, in my family, or spiritually.

God calls all of us to be prepared for anything that may come into our life.  Not only that, He gives us the ability and strength to be prepared by giving us His Spirit.

Are you living a prepared life?  Are you prepared for what may come in your life in the days ahead?  Are you leaning on God for this preparation?

I hope you’ll live like Proverbs 22:3 and see danger in advance and take refuge.  Only God knows what the future holds, but fortunately, He holds that future.




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