Nov 05 8:34 AM

Play to Your Strengths

Nov 05 8:34 AM
Nov 05 8:34 AM


Friday, November 5, 2021

Romans 12:6



I use this phrase all the time, and I really believe it's true. I believe it's biblical. It's called "playing to your strengths." How do you play to your strengths? When you look around you, when you look at your spouse, you look at your kids, you look at your environment, the people that you're with, you realize that you're all so different. I have many friends who, when I will look at them, I realize I have nothing in common with that person. Our interests are so different. For example, I am not a sports person. Many of you know that. I don't like sports. So when this comes up in conversation, I really can't contribute anything. Then, you kind of get this feeling like, "Wow, I really don't have anything in common with some of these people." But the fact is that we're all created this way. It's all intentional that we're all different.

I want to talk about how we play to our strengths. The apostle Paul writes this in Romans 12:6 he says, "We all have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us." Here's what I love about this verse, I think this is so cool. He says, "we have different gifts," and when we hear the word "different," we understand it's not the same as something else. But the word "different" here in the original text means "more excellent." You see, we all play a very specific role. We have to understand that we don't need to look down on somebody or look differently at someone because they are gifted in a different way than you. In fact, we don't want everyone to be the same, because life would be pretty boring if we were all just like one another. God has created us this way, and it was all intentional according to the grace that He has given to each of us. So let me just encourage you with that today.
Listen, you're gifted in a different way than the people around you. It's supposed to be that way because we build into one another, we strengthen one another, we make each other better. So if you see somebody who's different, don't break them down. Don't beat them up about it. It's supposed to be this way. Let's find that common ground so we can complement one another. Father, I want to thank you again, please help us understand that we are all different and gifted by your grace. Lord, let us understand that we're different. That doesn't just mean "not the same," but it means to be "more excellent," that we have a gift that is more excellent. I pray that we would really hold that true, and if we're struggling with that today, I pray that you would encourage us through it, that we may be able to see how we complement one another. We thank you and we lift this to you in Jesus' name. Amen.