May 21 8:02 AM

A Reminder of God's Greatness

May 21 8:02 AM
May 21 8:02 AM


Friday, May 21, 2021

Psalm 63:2-3




How do you remind yourself of important information? People do lots of different things. I have different reminders all the time. Sometimes, I'll have a reminder on my phone, and my administrative assistant sets reminders to pop up on my phone calendar. Sometimes, when I get in the office, events like somebody's birthday or a holiday pop up on my computer screen. I'm kind of old fashioned, I have a day timer with paper pages, and I write things in there as a reminder. Sometimes, I have little scraps of paper where I write notes. We have all different ways to try to remind ourselves, and here's what I want to tell you: It's important that you remind yourself of appointments, dates, holidays, etc. But even more importantly, you need to find a plan to remind yourself of the greatness of God.

So I want to talk to you about a brief reminder of God's greatness from Psalm 63:2-3, Listen to it, take it in, and think about how great God is. The Psalmist says, "I have seen you, God, in the sanctuary and gazed upon your power and glory. Your unfailing love is better to me than life itself, how I praise you." He talks about God's power, glory, and love. Think about the power of God - he's omnipotent. Think about the glory of God and the unfailing love of God. God is great. He loves us when we don't deserve it. He glorifies himself through us, and we get some of the credit sometimes. He's all powerful. He's over your life, over this world, and over everything that happens, even if it doesn't make sense. For that, we need to be reminded of God's greatness. Maybe you need to put that verse on your phone every day when you wake up. God is great. Maybe you need to write yourself a note and put it on your mirror for when you shave, or put on makeup, or whatever you do in the mirror. You need to remind yourself of God's greatness.

When you do look at what the psalmist says, when you remind yourself of God's greatness, he says, "Your unfailing love is better to me than life itself." In other words, the Psalmist says he would rather have God's love than be alive. In fact, God's love is what gives us life. Are you in love with God? Have you remembered his greatness? Have you forgotten? Have you let the distractions of this world pull you away? I think of the great hymn, "Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Look full into his wonderful face. And the things of this earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace." I would even add greatness there.

Maybe you need to have a little heart-to-heart with God, spend a little time with God. A little reflection about God's greatness. Because I know this, when you acknowledge God's greatness, God will bring greatness into your life. Think about how good he's been to you. Think about all the things he's done for you. If you're a Christian and if he did nothing more than forgive your sins, put you in right relationship with Him, and promise that you don't need to do anything more, that would be enough. And yet, he does so much more. So, let's thank God for his greatness.
Father, you are so great. Your glory, your power, and your love are better than life itself. Remind us today, tomorrow, and every day that you're great. Whatever greatness we think you are, you're greater than that. Then, when we think you're greater than that, you're still greater than that. Every time we grasp a little more of your greatness, we realize there's infinitely more greatness to grasp. Help us to make you great in our lives as well. We ask it in Jesus' name. Amen.