LAKESHORE STUDENTS exist in order to help students KNOW God and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

You may be saying to yourself, "that mission is great, but what does it mean?" This mission statement means nothing if we don't have a way to get it done.

We accomplish that Mission through our Values: 

ATTRACTIONAL - Giving the students something to come and invite their friends to.

We recognize that it is hard to get some students into church. We provide a fun environment that gives students an oppurtunity to invite their friends to. While attractions are not the reason why we are there - they certainly provide an avenue for us to share about Christ with students that would not be there any other way. 

RELATIONAL - Giving the students an oppurtunity to connect.

In Genesis 2:18, we can see that God created us to live and thrive with others. He never meant for us to live life by ourselves. Because of this, we, as a Student Ministry and a Church, value relationships. Through Small Groups, students have opportunities to come together with others their age and share things in their life as well as struggles and victories that they are experiencing, in a safe environment, in ways that will help point them to Christ. 

BIBLICAL - Giving the students a biblical foundation based on God's Word.

We all know that the more that you are around someone, you begin to inherit the way that are. You start to walk like them, talk like them and even act like that person. We want Lakeshore Students to be made up of students and leaders who spend time with Jesus daily so that they can walk like, talk like and act like Him. 

MISSIONAL - Giving the students an oppurtunity to put what they learn into action.

There has never been anyone that has had more influence on the world than Jesus. He came and provided us with the perfect example of how to interact with the world around us. He, even though God in flesh, told us that, as Christians, we must look out for the needs of others. We want Lakeshore Students to be filled with students that are ready to take everything that they have learned and go out into the community and serve those that they come in contact with - all for God's glory!