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Know God and Make a Difference.


Lakeshore Students helps middle and high school students know and love Jesus through relevant teaching, worship, small groups, and energy-filled events and activities. 



6:30 – 8:30 pm

Wednesday night gatherings at Lakeshore Students give middle and high school students a place to connect through games, small group time, and a biblical message they can apply to their life. 

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11:00 am – 12:15 pm

Sunday mornings give students an opportunity to study the bible in-depth so they can better understand and feel comfortable reading God's word. Sunday mornings are for all students, 6th - 12th grade.


Helping students know God and make a difference.



Hey there!

My name is Jordan Dick and I have the special honor of leading the charge here at Lakeshore Students. With the help of our amazing Lakeshore Student leaders, we are dedicated to creating a loving community of grace, discipleship, biblical truth, and of course fun for our students! 

We know it's an uphill battle for the youth of today. Living in a digital world that's moving away from personal interaction and being bombarded with mixed messages on what's true can leave many feeling isolated and confused. So, if you feel like a misfit or are in need of real answers to life’s craziness, this is the place to be! We place a high value on caring for the broken and pointing them towards Jesus Christ as their stronghold. Our goal is to teach the truth about God and equip this next generation with the tools to develop their relationship with Him.

BUT WAIT! Don’t think we forgot about you, parents! Even though your teenager might give you the cold shoulder or the eye roll, never forget that you hold more influence in your child’s life than you might think. Our ministry sees family as a top priority, so it’s vital that our parents feel encouraged and empowered to help their teens on their spiritual journey.

Never hesitate to reach out to me or someone on our team if you have any questions about Lakeshore Students. You can always come up to me on a Sunday or Wednesday to chat, or feel free to contact me directly via email or phone. Whatever you prefer! 

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How do I stay in the loop?

There's always an upcoming event or two at Lakeshore Students, and the best way to stay up to date is to sign up for emails from us so you don't miss a thing!

Where do I drop off or pick up my student on Wednesday nights?

Please use Lakeshore's main enterance when dropping off and picking up your students. Lakeshore Students team members will be ready to welcome your student and get them checked in!

I have more questions

We're here for you and we'd love to answer any questions you have about Lakeshore Students. Reach out to us here.