Without love, we are nothing
Jun 1:47 PM

Without love, we are nothing

Jun 1:47 PM
Jun 1:47 PM

JUNE 29, 2023




We live in a culture that misconstrues the definition of love. They say that love is simply a feeling that can be passed over and ignored. Love, in the world, is used so loosely, that how a person loves a pair of shoes, is talked about in the same way that a person loves their spouse or children. Love, in the world, has been diminished to nothing more than a temporary emotion that has no power or importance.

Love means so much more than that though. The Bible says that love is the foundation of what we do as believers. Paul says that without love, we are reduced to nothing.

Love is the backbone and the pillar of what it means to be a Christian. Without love, we lose salvation. Without love, we are no longer set apart.

Love means so much more than what the world claims it to be.

"For God so loved the world" — it is through love that we have been given the opportunity to spend eternity with Christ. It is through this love that we even have the capacity to love. We love because he first loved us.

It is in Christ's love that we display love to those around us!

Love to you all!
Pastor Antoine


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