Where did summer go?
Jul 12:57 PM

Where did summer go?

Jul 12:57 PM
Jul 12:57 PM

JULY 20, 2023




I just returned from a fantastic trip to Italy visiting Laura’s family and friends whom we have not seen in 2 years.  It was a glorious time spent in the Italian countryside, on the beach, and in the mountains of the Gargano.  We even had the opportunity to minister to people and I was able to preach at a friend’s church one Sunday.  We feel blessed that God allows us to be able to take a trip like this every couple of years.

While we were in Italy, the temperatures were mainly in the 90’s and they even peaked above 100 degrees a handful of days.  Sunshine, heat, and humidity — to me, this is what marks summer.  While summer is continuing to heat up, this Sunday at Lakeshore we'll continue in our summer series, Fruit(Full)

Each week we have been looking at a different aspect of the Fruit of the Spirit found in Galatians chapter 5.  I have the honor of speaking on Patience.  Me speaking on patience proves that God has a sense of humor, because He knows how impatient I can be.  Preparing for this message has honestly challenged and encouraged me to rely on God’s Holy Spirit to help me be a more patient person.  I hope you get as much out of this message as I have in preparing it.

Summer at Lakeshore will heat up even more as we get ready to kick off LOVE WEEK, which will take place August 19–26.  We have been preparing service projects around our community and we are going to need an army of volunteers to fulfill each project.  Volunteer signups begin this Sunday, July 23! They tend to fill up fast, so I hope you’ll be at Lakeshore in-person this Sunday to sign up for one of the many LOVE WEEK projects we have planned.

I look forward to seeing you all after being away on vacation and as always...

Make a great day!
Pastor Frank


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