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Sep 11:28 AM
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Lakeshore Friends—


If the last 19 months have left you wondering about what is happening in our world, you wouldn’t be alone.  Things have changed so quickly in this short period of time…. and not for the better.  It’s raising serious questions for those of us who know how the story ends for life as we know it on planet earth.

So, how will this all end?  The Bible gives us a clear picture of how, and we will study the details for the next seven weeks as we begin a new series on Sunday that I am calling, “How It All Ends.”

I think this is the most interesting series we have ever done at Lakeshore, and the most timely as well.  Pretty much every week people are asking me questions about what this all means.  But finding specific answers isn’t that easy.  The reason is that while the Bible is clear in what it says about how the world ends, it takes careful work to understand it accurately (that’s why there are so many crazy things said about the future by so many).  That’s because to understand prophecy, you must understand every book of the Bible and every other discipline of theology.  No easy task.

But having studied prophecy for nearly 35 years along with graduate training from some of the top biblical scholars in the world, I will do my best to help you answer the key questions about the future.  When I am sure about something, I’ll tell you why I am sure from the Bible.  When I am less sure about something, I’ll tell you where the boundaries lie for the possible answers in the Bible.  I enter into this series as humble as ever because prophecy will humble us like few other subjects can.

I hope that every single one of you who receives this email will be here this Sunday at 9 am or 11 am to hear it live and in person.  I also hope that you will invite anyone and everyone you can who has even a little interest in this subject to join you.  I have been inviting people and will do so all this week.

Because this will be the most fascinating and timely series I can imagine teaching right now.



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