Oct 11:49 AM


Oct 11:49 AM
Oct 11:49 AM


Lakeshore Friends—


This October, I’m finding it easier to enjoy life despite all that’s happening in the world that can bring us down.  I hope you are too.  For me:

- The weather’s been nice and will be for at least another week! (I won’t tell you what I heard about the forecast this winter… I’ll keep it positive).

- We’ve seen more people make a first-time faith commitment to Christ than we have in a long time!

- The series “How It All Ends” has attracted more people to church, and I especially appreciate those of you who are inviting people!

- My wife is safe and doing well after giving blood and passing out.  Thank God it didn’t happen while driving.

- I’ve received some nice cards and kind words lately, but really all year long!  (You’re such gracious people.)

- The Bills and the Saints won on Sunday and are both doing well!  (When the Saints beat the Bills on Thanksgiving night, please don’t come to church crying).

I could go on and on, but let me ask you this, “What are you finding all around you to enjoy life a little more?”  Admittedly, sometimes it’s easier than other times, but I’m convinced God provides these moments if we seek them, see them, and then seize them.  God is love, and when we make Him our first love, it’s so easy to see His expressions of love toward us.  They’re all around us.

I hope you experience God’s love as fully as possible and that you have a great week.



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