May 8:54 AM


May 8:54 AM
May 8:54 AM


Lakeshore friends—

On Sunday, we will celebrate Mother’s Day.  Our heart at Lakeshore, and my heart as an individual, is to simply say, “Thank you mom!” to all of you.

This will be the second Mother’s Day in my life that I will be without my mother, but I constantly think about all that she did for me as I grew up.  She helped me discern right and wrong.  She worked really hard to provide for our family.  She attended as many of my wrestling matches in High School as she could.  And she always told me that the happiest day of her life was the day I was born (which always made me wonder what she told my brother.  Hmm…).

I’m not sure how close or distant you are from your mom (whether physically or relationally) but I hope that you will thank God for everything that you can for her.  And that you will also thank her if you can.  And even more so if she is a woman whose faith in Jesus guided her.

Thank you ladies for the great and important role that you play in our lives and in our world.  We love you!


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