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Aug 3:33 PM
Aug 3:33 PM



Lakeshore friends—

This Sunday is going to be one of the best Sundays of the year and I hope you will be here for it.  Yes, technically, I know that every Sunday is equally great but what makes this Sunday great is that we will hold our 15th annual ROC service.  It’s our opportunity to be together with three other churches with different ethnic make-ups and celebrate our unity as one race, the human race.  I believe that the church is the only place that can truly model a whole-person unity regardless of any physical differences we may have, because we have a spiritual unity through Jesus Christ that no other group or organization has.

We may worship with different music styles, prayer styles, and even preaching styles, but we all do so biblically and with our focus on Jesus.

Every year, people share how this service has played a role in helping them better love people who look different than them and appreciate God more deeply for the beauty He has created in our diversity.

So I hope you’ll be here on Sunday for either the 9am or 11am service to enjoy what God will do on this great Sunday.

Last Sunday, I shared how the tragic situation in Afghanistan and our pull out from the country has left thousands of American citizens behind, along with vulnerable Afghans who helped our military during their time there with translation and intelligence.  Our great friend, Chad Robichaux, who has been at Lakeshore twice and served in the Middle East, is there now helping to evacuate and rescue these people who are in real danger.

In the team's first full day there, his ministry was able to get 924 people out (50% kids, 25% women, 25% men). As of the last update, there have been close to 1500 people successfully rescued, with a plan of 500 - 1000 a day moving forward for the next 12 days.

He has asked for our prayers.  Will you pray for him?

He has also asked us to consider helping him financially.  Because of so many generous people who have given above and beyond their tithe, we will be making a gift from the surplus in the Making Waves ’21 fund.  But, as I shared last Sunday, if you would like to help their efforts by making a donation (like some of you did last Sunday), you can contribute by going here and choosing "Chad Robichaux Afghan Rescue Project."



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