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Apr 1:46 PM
Apr 1:46 PM


Lakeshore Friends—

We were all saddened, grieved, and angry at the news that broke that the principal of Northwood elementary school is alleged to have had inappropriate contact with minors.  I first caught wind of it two Sundays ago when a family told me something really sad happened and then of course saw the news that he was arrested.  My neighborhood is in this school district and many neighbors send their kids there.

I debated saying something at church this past Sunday, but felt for a number of reasons that I would address my thoughts in this weekly email.  Feel free to forward this to others as you see fit.

First, it goes without saying that these allegations, if true, are absolutely despicable and a violation of the sacred trust that people place in schools (and all organizations).  To take advantage of young children is about as evil as it gets.  Even Jesus had a staggering warning for those who would harm a little child (you can read it in Matthew 18:1-6, especially verse 6).

Second, parents are hurting and we all hurt with you.  Your trust has been broken and so have your hearts.  We stand in love and support with you.  We want you to know that to the degree we can help you, we will.  If you need some referrals for counseling, we can help with that too.  As Bill Withers once sang, “Lean on us, when you’re not strong, and we’ll be your friends, we’ll help you carry on.”  Of course we do so in the Lord’s strength.

Finally, I want to assure you that for our entire history we have taken the care of your children seriously.  From the beginning we have established protocols to protect them the best we can.  It is a sacred trust that we work hard to maintain it.  If we ever were to detect even a bit of impropriety in our Lakeshore Kids or Lakeshore Students ministry, we would address and resolve it immediately and you would know about it.  We have never and will never conceal any issues from you, ever.

Let’s pray for the families impacted and for everyone involved.


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