Thank you to everyone who...
Apr 11:20 AM

Thank you to everyone who...

Apr 11:20 AM
Apr 11:20 AM

APRIL 4, 2024


Lakeshore Friends—

As we celebrated the greatest weekend in the history of the world this past weekend, we hope that the Good Friday service and the three Easter services helped you seek out and worship God as deeply as you ever have.  So many of you fasted, prayed, invited and welcomed new families over the weekend.  We know and trust that God used it all.  About 1,450 people were a part of these services.

So what I want to do is say to all you, “thank you”! Thank you to everyone who…

…fasted and prayed for part or all of a day for Easter. 

…invited people to services, regardless of whether they attended or not.

…served God in some capacity this past weekend (including all the hard work put into creating the cross and tomb scene in the Atrium!).

…welcomed our guests and made them feel welcomed.

I’m extremely proud of being the pastor of a church so filled with incredible people like you.  Ministry is hard, sometimes really, really hard.  But you all make it so much easier by your love for God and support for our Staff, Elders, Trustees, LEAD Team (ministry team leaders), and the church in general.  We talk at staff meetings often about what a great collection of people God has given to Lakeshore.

Most of all, I am thankful to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for making the incredible sacrifices He made and the miraculous resurrection He displayed to make eternal life available for all!

Thanks again to all of you!  It’s so exciting to be partners with you in doing God’s work in Rochester and in the world.



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