Teamwork makes the dream work
Jan 2:09 PM

Teamwork makes the dream work

Jan 2:09 PM
Jan 2:09 PM

JANUARY 4, 2024



The greatness of every successful team is its players.  Rarely does a collection of not very good players form a championship team.  The players need to be able to contribute individually before they can make the team better collectively.

At the same time, the greatness of every player is seen in their teamwork. The team brings out the very best in the player and as a result the team is stronger.  Get enough of these players and you have a championship caliber team.

Team work is the ultimate double-win for players and teams alike.

I think these two concepts parallel the role of the church in the life of every Christian. On the one hand, we all have to establish our walk with God and our spiritual development with God alone.  We have to make sure we are the “players” we need to be individually. That’s where it always has to begin.  That’s why we read the Bible and strive to put what we learn into practice  as individuals and why we will all stand before God individually as well (if you were here last Sunday, we covered how to practice “Bible intake,” because the Bible is our playbook). 

And on the other hand, we are always better in growing as a Christian in the context of a team.  Being around other “players” helps us stay focused, encouraged, sharp, and knowing our role on the team we call the body of Christ, or the church. When we grow together, we grow stronger. As king Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 4, two are better than one and a cord of three strands is not easily broken.

This is why God created this beautiful team of players called the church.  He wants us to be players on His eternally grand team and to run plays in our lives that bring pleasure to our Coach, and a championship lifestyle into our lives.

Why should Christians be a faithful part of God’s team, the church?  Is the church really necessary?  Judging by all the data and evidence, it seems many Christians seem to think that it really isn’t necessary at all.  If it is, what is the church called to do as a team?  What defines a championship church?  Are there things each person should do to make the church a winner in God’s eyes?

I’ll try to answer these questions and more about the church on Sunday.  Because in God’s eyes, church teamwork makes His dream for us work.



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