Feb 1:33 PM

Super (Bowl) Sunday

Feb 1:33 PM
Feb 1:33 PM

FEBRUARY 2, 2023


Lakeshore Friends—

The teams playing in the Super Bowl are now set.  The Philadelphia Eagles are playing the Kansas City Chiefs.  I realize that so many of you wanted the Buffalo Bills to play in this game, but alas they will not. 

I heard from a few of you last Sunday that you are upset that my “Go Bills!” chant for them to beat the Cincinnati Bengals the previous week didn’t work and that I was the reason they lost.  But don’t forget that I called for the Miami Dolphins to beat Buffalo the week before that (at my wife’s clear instructions!), and I called for my New Orleans Saints to be good this season and neither of those turned out too well either.  So clearly, I can’t pick winners this year (and no, I won’t give game predictions for the Super Bowl because that may tip you off on who will LOSE the Super Bowl!

On Super Bowl Sunday, we’re planning a great and creative service, fun activities around the building, and a day that will be easy to invite friends and family to.  More on that next week.

But as great as Super Bowl Sunday can be for football, every Sunday for people who love Jesus should be (and is) greater.  After all, being together to worship Jesus Christ should always top cheering on our favorite team.  And we get to do it 52 times a year for FREE, while the Super Bowl costs about $3,000+ per person to attend just once a year.

I love how so many people at Lakeshore look forward to being at church every Sunday.  They wouldn’t miss it for anything except unavoidable reasons.  Each week, I see people attend and have an encounter with the living God and leave better for the time they invested in worshipping Him, learning from the Bible, and growing in their faith.  Attending church faithfully pleases God for sure, but it also satisfies people who hunger for Him.




My wish for everyone is that they would see Sundays as a day to look forward to more than any other and that it would be “Super Sunday” every seven days.  That goes against the current trends in church attendance (which are spiraling downward faster than at almost any other point in American history), but I still wish it for every one of you receiving this. 

Israel’s great king David said it best: I rejoiced with those who said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord.”  Psalm 122:1, NIV

How about you?  Are Sundays at church the highlight of your week?





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