Sep 8:34 AM

Now that our mortgage is burned...

Sep 8:34 AM
Sep 8:34 AM

SEPTEMBER 29, 2022


Lakeshore friends—

Last Sunday, we celebrated a great milestone in our history— we paid off our mortgage!  It is an exciting accomplishment, and it would be easy to assume that we will be more comfortable financially as a church, and that we can start to take things a little more easily.  In truth, that would be the exact opposite of what we think God wants us to do.  The reasons are simple:

In the short run, we are behind in our 2022 General Budget giving by as much as we ever have been before.  To help you stay up to date with where we stand financially, we have added a new feature at the end of our weekly email that gives you a look at where our General Budget stands, week-to-week.  With 13 weeks left in the year, we have time and an opportunity to close the gap.

In the long run (which is really important), we have a plan to use the money saved from our mortgage to reach more people and help everyone grow in their faith.  We are as excited as ever to continue doing what we can to fulfill our vision of helping people discover and develop a growing relationship with Jesus

How will we do it?  As I taught at the end of my message last Sunday, we will pursue a “6 M” plan to increasingly impact our world over the next few years.  The “6M’s” are:


We will add more missionaries and increase our giving to them by over 50% starting next year so that we help them reach more people in Rochester, across the country, and around the world.


 We will set aside some money to prepare for eventual building repairs that come with a building that is over 18 years old (phase 1).


We will help our staff have more money for their historically low annual budgets so that they can do even more to help our children, students and adults find and grow in Christ.


We will invest more in trying to promote and advertise our church through every means possible (digital and physical media), as well as encourage everyone to invest in and invite people to church.


We will start a fund that will help us with start-up costs if we decide to have another Lakeshore campus site in the years ahead (likely either south or east of our campus).


We will build off of our phase one auditorium upgrade (LED wall and lights) and plan for a late 2023 or early 2024 phase two auditorium sound upgrade that will give us a more uniform and clear sound system.  After that, phase 3 will give us new automated cameras and upgrade our technology in the atrium, children’s classes, the gym and student rooms.

Thanks to every single person who gives so generously to make all this happen.




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