Jan 1:13 PM

If you fail to plan...

Jan 1:13 PM
Jan 1:13 PM

JANUARY 19, 2023


Lakeshore Friends—

If you fail to plan, you know what happens: you plan to fail.

You may be able to make things work for a while when you fly by the seat of your pants.  But in time, it always catches up with you. And you usually see failure occur in times of crisis when there is little margin for error.  Then the chaos begins.

This truth applies to our finances as well.  There is nothing that predicts financial stability quite like the presence of a solid financial plan in our lives. 

Over the next two weeks in our current series, The Economy Is Bad, But God Is Good, we’ll look at the practice that helps us plan well, and the threat that keeps us from planning well.

My hope for these next two weeks (and through the series as a whole) is to help you be prepared for as many financial challenges as possible.  These are difficult times and the financial headwinds we are facing may last longer than we think and be more significant than we realize.  But the more prepared we are with a plan, the less likely it is that we’ll fail.



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