Jun 12:56 PM

Have you ever struggled with anger?

Jun 12:56 PM
Jun 12:56 PM

JUNE 1, 2023



Have you noticed how we live in an age of rage?  Nationally, in place of logical discussions and civil debate, we now often experience irrational yelling and violent outbursts between people who disagree.  Locally, when we drive our cars, we can sometimes see and feel anger in the form of road rage when we do something another driver doesn’t like.  Personally, at work, in our neighborhood, or even at home, we may experience someone’s wrath when things don’t go how they want.

Yes, sometimes we can even be the one who expresses anger in these situations. 

Anger is a confusing subject where people have misconceptions about what it is and how it works.  What is anger?  What can we do to learn to manage our anger and respond to the anger of others?  Is anger always bad?  How can we control it?  How and when should we express it?  We’ll answer these questions and more in our new series, Anger Management. We'll survey the over 200 verses in the Bible on this timely subject.

We’ll also celebrate 13 baptisms on Sunday, something no one should be angry about!

This should be a fun Sunday!  With warmer weather ahead, it’s a great time to invite friends, family, and coworkers to join you this Sunday.  I think they’ll be glad they came if you do.



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