Aug 11:51 AM

God-level goodness

Aug 11:51 AM
Aug 11:51 AM

AUGUST 3, 2023




"Goodness, the summer is flying." "My goodness, I don’t know where the time has gone." "Goodness gracious, you look like you took a bath in a mud puddle." "I’m indebted to your goodness."

The word goodness gets thrown around a lot these days, and not just in daily conversations.  It is a concept difficult to define and one that gets a huge degree of misuse when talking about God’s goodness.  Many times, people don’t believe that God is good.  They ask, “how could a good God allow all the suffering, abuse, violence, and calamity that we see in our world?”

We can’t answer every question about goodness this Sunday, but we can answer how you can acquire God’s goodness and then extend it to others.  It will be well worth your time.  After all, what family, what person, what work place, what neighborhood, or what town doesn’t need more people expressing God-level goodness?

We'll see you Sunday.

Pastor Brian


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