Jun 3:03 PM

God is as close as...

Jun 3:03 PM
Jun 3:03 PM

JUNE 22, 2023



How close do you think you are to God these days? 

It’s an important question because the answer will determine so much.  First, it will determine how much you can enjoy this life when times get tough.  Second, it will determine how much you will enjoy the afterlife when this life is over.  Since being a Christian is ultimately a relationship with God, every true Christian would want to know that they’re close to God and growing closer by the day.

As you think about how to answer that question, it’s important to have an objective way to measure this closeness to God.  Otherwise, it becomes a subjective exercise and words like “good” and “fine” will be your answer.  We need something more concrete to measure this.  That’s where the Fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23 come in.  They serve as a measuring stick for our closeness to God like few other things do.  We’ll explain how that works in our new series, Fruit(Full), beginning on Sunday.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll explain what these fruit are and how each one works in our life.

Ultimately, God is as close as we want Him to be.  When we want God as much as we want our next breath, we’ll get closer to Him and see these fruit come from our lives.

I hope you’ll make church a priority each week throughout the summer, and learn how to draw closer to God.




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