Nov 2:33 PM

Giving thanks

Nov 2:33 PM
Nov 2:33 PM

NOVEMBER 23, 2022


Lakeshore Friends—

Every Sunday I am at church, I leave with a sense of gratitude and encouragement.  Being able to meet with God and to be with you all means more to me than you know.  The reason is pretty simple: I love being around people who are growing in faith, showing others love, and giving of themselves.

I thank God for all of you!  God has given us a great congregation made up of people who range from those who are investigating Christianity sincerely as they explore faith, to people who are convinced and growing in their faith and living out by the way they use their time, their talents, and their treasure.

I hope you all give lots of thanks to God for all He has given us as you gather with your family and friends on Thanksgiving!  I will, and on that list will be thanking God for you.




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