Aug 9:01 AM

Forgiveness is freeing

Aug 9:01 AM
Aug 9:01 AM

AUGUST 11, 2022


Lakeshore Friends—

There is nothing that is as freeing as forgiveness, is there?

Think of those times when you did something wrong, bad, unkind, or maybe even dark-hearted.  Have one or two in mind?  Great. Now picture being caught doing it or even convicted in your spirit about its wrongness.  How do you feel at that very moment?  Not too good.  We’ve all been there, me very much included.

Now think of those times when you have experienced the forgiveness of someone for those very same actions.  And then you turn to God for His forgiveness and it washes over your entire being.  How does that feel?  It is freeing beyond words and helps you live without the weight of the sin that put such anguish and pain in your heart.  It is as beautiful a feeling as you can experience!

I’m thankful that we serve a forgiving God who is always like that.  On Sunday, Pastor Brian will be teaching on God’s attribute of forgiveness and I can’t wait to hear it!

Our world is such an unforgiving place.  The news cycle perpetually gives us example after example of people who are filled with hate and unforgiveness and it is trending the wrong way by leaps and bounds.  How refreshing it is to see people who follow Jesus Christ's model and extend forgiveness to others.  It’s an opportunity to be the light this dark world needs today.

I hope to see you on Sunday.  Being together to tell God we love Him is the highlight of my week, and I hope it’s yours too.




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