Faith, Football, & Fun Commercials: Football Sunday
Feb 3:02 PM

Faith, Football, & Fun Commercials: Football Sunday

Feb 3:02 PM
Feb 3:02 PM

FEBRUARY 8, 2024



This Sunday is the big game, the Super Bowl.  While most of us don’t have our team in the game, it is nonetheless an event that we’ll all watch.  Well, almost all people in our country will watch.  Not only do we watch the game, we watch the commercials which are (most of them anyways) funny.  It has become a time when the very best attention-capturing commercials air.  As for the halftime show, that’s when I take a break from watching.

I spent this week looking at most of the commercials that were aired during last year’s Super Bowl.  I chose five of them to share during my message this Sunday that I think are funny, encouraging, and have a message that I’ll pick up on and share with some Scripture to teach us some important points.  It was a big hit last year and I hope it’s an even bigger hit this year at Football Sunday.

We’ll also have great music, a fun element to the service, and a fantastic tailgate party in the atrium after each service. 

So here are my asks:

1. Make sure you’re here! There’s no better  way to start Super Bowl Sunday than at church.

2. Wear a jersey or or your favorite sports apparel!  Represent your favorite team.

3. Invite everyone you can!  It’s a can’t-miss Sunday to attend with friends and family. Send a digital invite here.

Hope to see you here with friends and family!



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