Jul 7:32 AM

Do you really know who God is?

Jul 7:32 AM
Jul 7:32 AM

JULY 7, 2022


Hey Lakeshore—

I want to ask a haunting question.  Do we really know who God is?  It’s a simple question, yet can be complex in its answer.

We talk about God, but do we really understand who he is?  And if we really know what He’s like, then how does that apply to our everyday lives?  Too often, we have the wrong idea of who God is which leads to the wrong idea of who we are.

With these questions in mind, we are excited to start our summer series called “God Is…”  In this series, we’ll be talking about many of the attributes of God to get a better understanding of who He is and why that matters in our lives.

Every day feels like something is changing.  Gas prices alone have probably changed since I wrote this.  And often times it leads us to be frustrated with ourselves or the situation ahead of us.  Where can we turn when we are frustrated by all the change happening?  We can turn to the One who never changes.

Quite honestly, with the amount of turmoil in our world right now, we need to lean into the only one we can truly rely on.

So, I want to invite you to church this Sunday at 9AM or 11AM to really answer that question…do you really know who God is?

In Him,



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