May 3:03 PM

Do you know what men really want from their wives?

May 3:03 PM
May 3:03 PM

MAY 4, 2023



When the book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus came out a number of years ago, I never read it.  In all honesty, I didn’t have to because the title alone said enough that I got the big idea.  It made clear to me what we all kind of knew already, namely that when men and women date and marry, they each have some very unique needs that are different from each other.  And these differing needs are not just a case of differing personalities (which do also play a part), but simply the fact of them being male and female.  It’s that simple. 

Yes, men and women both want to be loved, valued, and cared for, but they have very different ways in which even these common needs are met.  Men don’t see love exactly like women see it.  Women don’t desire care the same way men desire it.  It’s just a gender thing.  Add to this that men and women each have a very unique set of needs that are more important for one and not so important for the other and you see how challenging marriage can be. 

All the research proves this is the case.  It’s the way God made us in the beginning.  He made men and women different in so many ways— not so that we would compete and fight, but instead so that we would complement each other and thrive. 




That’s what we’ll be covering over the next two weeks in our Marriage Matters series, starting with what men wish women knew about them.  For Mother’s Day, we’ll look at what women wish men knew about them.

I hope you’ll be here with friends who want to understand how to relate more effectively with the opposite sex and particularly in dating and marriage.  I promise that this will be a helpful message for those who do attend.




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