May 4:18 PM

Did I marry the wrong person?

May 4:18 PM
May 4:18 PM

MAY 25, 2023



This Sunday, as we celebrate and remember those who have given their lives for all of us in service to our country, we’re going to wrap up our Marriage Matters series by looking at the three most challenging issues married couples face.  These three challenges can sometimes become so significant that it causes some people who are married to ask, “Did I marry the wrong person?”

It happens in most marriages at some point, to some degree, in some unique ways.  The real issue is how we handle these challenging times and who we look to for help.  I’ve seen people handle it well and have a great marriage as a result.  In fact, it can even be a turning point that creates an even stronger marriage than if it had never happened, just like Romans 8:28 tells us.  Unfortunately, I’ve seen people ignore or just pretend there is no problem only to find out that their marriage is on life-support.  Left unchecked, their marriage is likely to end in divorce.  It’s one of the biggest tragedies to witness when it does.

The good news is that God is greater than all of our problems, including marriage problems.  When both spouses fight for their marriage and seek God for His help and wisdom, they can find strength and resolve.  So much so, they can change their situation to the point that they now declare, “I KNOW I married the right person!”

I hope you’ll be here to learn what these three challenges are and how God can help you overcome them.



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