Jan 12:49 PM

Damar Hamlin and family

Jan 12:49 PM
Jan 12:49 PM

JANUARY 5, 2023


Lakeshore Friends—

You all know of the tragic cardiac event that Buffalo Bills Safety Damar Hamlin suffered on Monday night during the first quarter of their game against the Cincinnati Bengals.  And I’m sure you all know what happened immediately afterward as players from both teams showed deep concern and offered support and prayer right there on the field.  So did many fans that night and again in the morning at various prayer vigils held at the hospital and in Buffalo. 

You may have seen that Damar’s charitable organization has raised around $6 million since this took place.  It’s been amazing and brought me to moments of shedding tears.  It’s beautiful to see.

What struck me on a big-picture level were these three things:

  1. We’ve seen unconditional love in action. People are showing love regardless of any differences they may have.  How refreshing to see as opposed to all the division and hatred that we’ve seen so often, especially these past three years.  This is what the church is called to look like, and we strive to show that kind of love every day.  It’s not easy, but it is our aim.
  2. We see people talking about prayer and actually praying. It’s interesting to see since so many people want to keep prayer out of every venue of life, except inside the walls of the church.  But to no surprise, when a crisis hits, people suddenly believe in prayer.  And did you see this from Dan Orlovsky on ESPN, of all places? Incredible! 
  3. We hear the players talking about fellow players as brothers and family. I know the feeling that comes from spending tons of time with teammates on a sports team, and it is a band of brothers (and sisters for the ladies).  And the family that is healthy is called to be close, healthy, and strong for each other.

Let’s all try to be these same three things in mind for everyone we encounter. Let's also keep praying for Damar.  I’m praying that God would heal him and use this tragedy to do some healing in the way we treat each other in America, and the world.



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