Dec 11:00 AM

Christmas... On Location!

Dec 11:00 AM
Dec 11:00 AM

DECEMBER 8, 2022


Lakeshore Friends—

Can you imagine a Christmas more hectic and stressful than yours?  One that was shocking, life-changing, and so out of your control?  That’s what many people experienced on the very first Christmas!

Imagine if it involved an angel telling you that you’d soon give birth to a son who was conceived miraculously and already assigned a name.  Imagine discovering your fiancée was pregnant without your involvement.  Imagine discovering that the baby would be delivered alongside farm animals, and not in a safe and sanitary hospital.  Or, Imagine that child being the Savior of the world?  Imagine if an angel announced or a star directed you to see a baby who would change the world as you knew it.

While we won’t experience that personally for ourselves, we can get a glimpse at what it was like by going “on location” in our 2022 Christmas series, Christmas On Location.  We’ll do the next best thing to being there— namely, getting the story from those who were on location of the birth of Jesus Christ!

Unlike all of the shallow substitutes people pursue in place of the true meaning of Christmas that promise so much and deliver so little, embracing the truth behind the real Christmas story can transform your life and help you realize that life doesn’t have to be so stressful after all.

Be here as we kick off the series on Sunday, and invite someone who needs to find the hope and help for all things hectic and the strength for all things stressful to join you at church.  I know that you won’t regret it.




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