May 12:37 PM


May 12:37 PM
May 12:37 PM

MAY 16, 2024


Lakeshore Friends—

This week, my next door neighbor was putting up a fence.  No, I didn’t do anything to provoke this, but the arrival of a new puppy may be the reason.

When we heard the noise of fence posts being put in the ground, we looked and saw where the fence was going up.  And as most people who live next door to this do, we wanted to make sure the fence wasn’t over onto our property.  After all, we have surveys that show where our property begins and ends on all four sides.

When it comes to being too busy, we need to make sure we do the same thing with our time and our involvements— namely, that we ensure we’re not crossing property lines.  It’s so easy to take on things that are not within our own boundaries, and to add to an already busy list of activities when we really don’t have to (or even shouldn’t in the first place).

Do you have clear time and involvement boundaries in your life?  Do you know how to establish them, and then stick to them?

Just like in life, you need them if you want to avoid the “I’m Just Too Busy!” lifestyle.



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