Dec 1:18 PM

Back to the future

Dec 1:18 PM
Dec 1:18 PM

DECEMBER 29, 2022


Lakeshore Friends—

Sometimes the way to move forward in life is to look backward. 

I’m not talking about rehearsing all that has happened in your life and living in the past.  And I’m not referring to thinking about some nostalgic days when people walked to school... everyday… up hill... both ways… in blizzards… October through April... What I mean is that there are some things that we have learned in the past that should always guide our future, regardless of what modern-day thinkers tell us we should embrace.

Too often, people assume that new ideas, new concepts, new technology, and new thinking will advance and improve our lives today from how we lived them in the past. But I’m fully convinced that’s not always the case.  Not all that’s new is better.  In fact, sometimes it takes us from the best that we already have.

As we ring out the old year and bring in the new year on Sunday, I want to kick off a series that will help us go "Back to the Future" in two important areas that have deeply concerned me these days: the Bible and the family.  There are voices calling us to move forward in dangerous ways in these two foundational areas of life.  I want to share how God wants us to go back to the standard He has set for us from the very beginning.

I can’t think of a more vital series to begin the year than this one.  I hope you’ll join us on January 1 as we look at going back to the Bible.

Don’t drink too much egg nog.  Do your best to go to bed a little after midnight, and let’s spend some time together on Sunday morning.



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