Dec 12:04 AM


Dec 12:04 AM
Dec 12:04 AM


Lakeshore Friends—

I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving! I had a great thanksgiving, except for about two and a half hours on Thursday from like 8:20 – 11:20pm when I witnessed the Bills whoop the Saints in New Orleans! Why did I say that only two and a half hours of a three-hour game were not great? Because at least at halftime we honored and thanked Drew Brees for his career as a Saint Quarterback… for about half an hour!

And in my pre-recorded message last Sunday (I was at church physically, we just pre-recorded the message the Monday before for in case my flight home was delayed), I said that I was sure the Saints would beat the Bills.

Yeah, I was wrong!

But one thing I am not wrong about is how great you are! God has blessed us with an awesome church! I love being with you each Sunday and growing together each week. Your desire to grow spiritually, serve personally, and give generously inspire me and cause me to thank God often for you all.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday! Feel free to come at me with your Buffalo Bills smack!





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