Oct 11:40 AM


Oct 11:40 AM
Oct 11:40 AM


Lakeshore Friends—

Some days more than others (but every day, to be certain), I feel a sense of disappointment and even anger at what I see in the world today. 

Politics are filled with dishonesty and self-serving agendas that show little concern for real people like us.  Criminal activity is rampant as innocent people are attacked, robbed, raped, beaten, and even killed with increasing frequency and with more severity than ever.  Justice seems to be selective and not blind as it should be as we hear about certain people who commit crimes without consequence while others are severely punished for far less because they are on the wrong side of the political equation.  Financial markets and deals are structured to favor certain people over others.  And spiritually, more and more things that are really “wrong” are called “right,” and vice versa.

Will it ever end?  Absolutely!  One day it will all end.

When Jesus returns to earth at His Second Coming, He will come with justice to judge the world with truth.  He will make every single thing that is wrong right again.  Politics will end as He alone rules and reigns.  Crime will be squashed immediately and will be far less common.  Justice will be perfectly distributed to all.  Financial cheats won’t have success.  And the spiritual atmosphere surrounding the Kingdom He sets up after His return will be “heaven on earth.”

I long for those days and bet you do too.  They will come as the Bible predicts, perhaps sooner than any of us think.  And when it comes, all that’s wrong will be made right.

I will be talking about this time for the next two Sundays and I hope you’ll be here, excited about what Jesus will do at His return!

He will take all that’s wrong in this world and make it right!




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