Jun 7:28 PM

When you're weak

Jun 7:28 PM
Jun 7:28 PM

JUNE 2, 2022


Lakeshore Friends—

Summer is here.  Yes, it’s unofficial, but when you live in Rochester, you take whatever time you can get to enjoy it.  To me, these next three months are the best time to live here and appreciate all that Upstate New York has to offer.  People are outside and energized, doing so much to take in the beautiful, warm, and longer days.

I also like that things tend to slow down a bit at church.  Sunday still comes every seven days (to be sure), so the work is always there.  But we have fewer initiatives that we need to push beyond our efforts to create Sunday services that help you discover and develop a growing relationship with Jesus Christ in a meaningful way.

What don’t I like about the Summer?  It’s the fact that our attendance is typically down and people get out of the swing of attending church.  It’s what every pastor I know likes least about this time we call “The Summer Slump”.

No matter, I thank God for this time to reflect on my life, refresh physically, replenish spiritually, and reset our church for the upcoming ministry year that starts in September.

I hope you’ll take in and enjoy everything that summer has to offer.  I also hope that will include growing your faith on Sundays at Lakeshore.  We’ll do our very best to make every minute you spend here matter.

Warmly… VERY warmly until at least September,



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