Mar 9:05 PM


Mar 9:05 PM
Mar 9:05 PM


Lakeshore Friends—

If there is one thing that really bothers me about the subject of prayer more than anything else it’s that so many people claim to believe in it and yet so few people actually pray.  And for those times people do, there’s lots of confusion on what you pray, who you pray to, what prayer can do, and even the faulty belief that prayer (in and of itself) is powerful.

To that last point, prayer in and of itself is NOT powerful.  Now, before you pick up stones to chase me around church on Sunday and stone me to death for what appears to be an unbiblical statement, let me explain.  Only God is powerful, and prayer is only powerful because it connects us to God.  Think of prayer as a conduit to God and His power.  Just like a conduit doesn’t carry electrical current (the wire inside of the conduit does), prayer isn’t the power but just what carries us to God, who is the power.

As to the other points of confusion mentioned above, we plan to address and resolve them for you on Sunday.  I hope you’ll be here as we talk about prayer each week leading up to Easter.

And since so many people believe in prayer, invite them to join you!  We’ll help them become better "pray-ers" if they're open to it.



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