Feb 12:49 AM


Feb 12:49 AM
Feb 12:49 AM


Lakeshore Friends—

If I asked you to finish the sentence,  “Life is too short to ________________", how would you finish it?

There are lots of ways we could answer that question, but I wonder if this answer sounds appealing:  “Life is too short to not do what God created us to do.”  What do you think?  Doesn’t that sound like it belongs on a motivational poster (with a bald eagle soaring over a huge mountain!), or on a sticker you put on your bathroom mirror (so you can see it every morning and be motivated!)?  Not so sure?  That’s okay too!

But the truth is that so many of us pursue things that are nice, but we don’t always pursue what God created us to do with the best part of our lives.

And for each of us, that could be very different.  We each have somewhat unique personal gifts, spiritual gifts, personalities, experiences, and the like that all work together to make us who we are.  The question is, do we know ourselves and God enough to know what we are made to do with our one and only life?

I encourage you to make that your life pursuit.  God will help you if you seek Him.  And so will we as we begin a new series on Sunday.

I hope you’ll be here for it so that you can be sure to finish that sentence with the right answer.



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