Feb 6:53 PM


Feb 6:53 PM
Feb 6:53 PM


Lakeshore Friends—

A number of years ago, I heard someone say something that has stuck with me all these years.  In some ways, it really surprised me, but as I thought about it more, it didn’t.  This person said that in the Bible, there is only one thing recorded in it that God seeks from people. What do you think that is? You can come up with lots of answers, and you may be close to what it is without getting it exactly right. 

The answer is this: our worship!  John 4:23-24 records Jesus saying that God the Father seeks worshippers.  Nowhere else does it say that God seeks anything else from us.  It kind of makes sense because if we give God worship, everything else will take care of itself when it comes to Christian disciplines.

Do you help God find what He is seeking in your heart and from your life?  Do you worship Him?  Regularly?  Sincerely?  Whole-heartedly?  If that’s the one thing God seeks from us, we would be wise to make it our priority, wouldn’t we?

Every week, we’re here to help with that.  Not just on Sunday mornings during our music sets, but as often as we can.

Take some time to worship God today, right now.  He seeks it.  We need to give it.  And our lives will be richer as we engage in it.




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