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Jan 5:02 PM
Jan 5:02 PM


Lakeshore Friends—

I have gone to church pretty much all of my life. As a result, I have held a lot of different views on it. When I was a kid, my favorite services involved us arriving a little late, hearing a super-short message, and then taking communion and walking directly out to the car as I said a prayer to God. On a “good day”, I could limit my time to about 30 minutes.

Suffice to say that I wasn’t the biggest fan of church back then. I didn’t hate it at all, I just didn’t get anything out of going there.

Fast forward to today and I am in love with the church. I see it for what it can be and love seeing it operate at its best. When it doesn’t operate well, it hurts to see but I still love it. Unfortunately, my view is not universal. Some people don’t really take any interest in the church, others don’t like the church, and still, others really hate the church.

On Sunday, I will begin a new series, “Why I Love The Church” where we will cover six reasons why everyone should love the church. Even if you don’t love the church, I think you’ll like hearing about why many people do for the reasons outlined in the New Testament.

I’d LOVE to see you!




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