If you're a student in 6th - 8th grade, then we invite you to join us on Sundays mornings at 11AM in the Student Large Gathering Space. You can expect a fun, high-energy, interactive experience designed specifically with you in mind! We’re committed to making you feel a part of our Middle School community as we learn more about God's love and faith together!

Scripture calls us to live in community with each other. It’s necessary for our spiritual health! In this Thanksgiving series, we’re going to look at the importance of our spiritual community as we are centered around Jesus. Thanksgiving comes once a year, but being giving thanks for community can come everyday!

Sunday November 7
FRIENDSGIVING: We Need Community
Sunday November 14
FRIENDSGIVING: Community of Unity
Sunday November 21
FRIENDSGIVING: Community of Friends
Sunday November 28
FRIENDSGIVING: Spiritual Community

It is easy to simply pick up the Bible and read it without knowing how to truly understand it. God calls us to put his words in our hearts and our minds, which means we must know how to navigate through them. TEXT SUPPORT is a stand-alone message that will help students to be able to navigate the Bible affectively and corrrectly. This message will be followed up with a class that will help students go deeper in studying the Bible.

Sunday December 5
TEXT SUPPORT: How to Navigate the Bible

PRESENT explores the beautiful gift of Christmas. Rather than simply sending a message, Jesus offered us his presence by coming to earth. In that same way, we should commit to being PRESENT with others—in their joy, pain, grief, and struggles. When we follow Jesus, we must also follow his example of sacrifice and love.

Sunday December 12
PRESENT: God With Us
Sunday December 19
PRESENT: Us With Others
Sunday December 26