May 17 8:00 AM

When Weakness is Strength

May 17 8:00 AM
May 17 8:00 AM


Monday, May 17, 2021

2 Corinthians 12:9



I want to talk to you today about when weakness is strength. Sometimes the strongest thing you can do is be weak. You say that doesn't make sense, but think about it. Sometimes, the strongest thing you could do is not get in a fight. When somebody tries to pick a fight with you, whether it's physically, emotionally, or relationally, sometimes the strongest thing to do is walk away instead of engage in battle. I've been told that when dogs fight each other, when one dogs feels like it is going to lose it will roll over and expose its bottom, making itself vulnerable. It's my understanding that some dogs will quit - probably not a pitbull, but maybe some other breeds will quit, because the weaker dog already surrendered. That is when weakness becomes strength. Instead of getting beat up more, you're making yourself weak, and then you're going to be strong because you won't be beat up.

I get that idea because the Apostle Paul found that weakness was strength too. How did he find that weakness was strength? Well, in 2 Corinthians 12, the Bible says that God gave the Apostle Paul a thorn in the flesh. Nobody knows what the thorn is, but everybody speculates what it is. It could have been Paul's vision getting worse, as he got older, which we know likely happened. It could have been some other physical ailment. We don't know, but whatever it was, God gave Paul a thorn in the flesh. Three times, Paul asked that the thorn in the flesh -whatever this ailment was- be removed from him. God said no, and Paul said these words in Second Corinthians 12:9a, 'Each time, he [God] said to me, "My gracious favor is all you need. My power works best in your weakness." So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me.'
My gracious favor is all you need. Grace is God's divine power. It is undeserved favor. His gracious favor is all you need. God says his power works best in your weakness. That's when weakness is strength. If you want God's power to work best in your life, stop trying to muscle up, stop trying to be strong. When I was in high school, there were three kinds of wrestlers. There were those that stunk, and two types of good wrestlers. There were the guys that were strong, but not really slick with their moves. And then there were those that were slick, and not necessarily strong. Of course, if you had both, you're in good shape. But what do you think was better, strong or slick? Every time slick always beat strong. You don't have to be strong, you have to be slick. If you want to be slick, stop trying to muscle. You can't muscle your way through a wrestling match against the good opponents, and you can't muscle your way through life. You have to be weak. God loves to empower the weak. If you're strong, God says, "Well, you got this" -wink wink- but you really don't. So, sometimes if you want to see God's power in your life, you have to be weak to it and say, "God I can't do it." By the way, we're all really weak. I don't think Paul is saying that we need to decide to be weak. I think we need to acknowledge that we're always weak. When we're always acknowledging our weakness, and always acknowledging God's greatness, God gives us his strength for our weakness, and that's when weakness is strength. Are you trying to be strong, trying to muscle your way through life, when you need to be slick and look to God? Maybe it's time you take a weakness approach. How about that? I'm going to be more weak. Yep. If you're strategically weak and simultaneously looking to God during this strategic decision to be weak, he'll give you his strength. There's nothing better than that. It worked for Paul. Paul said, "I'm going to gladly boast about my weaknesses." That is God's opportunity to show his strength in me.

Father, I pray that you'll help all of us know and learn how to be appropriately weak seek you through our weakness, so that we can experience your strength in our life. Whatever people need, help them to be weak in it, so that you can be strong through them in Jesus' name. Amen.